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【渥茲華英語】- Mary Hutchinson 瑪莉ㆍ哈金森

In 1802, William Wordsworth married Mary Hutchinson. They had known each since they were young children. William and Mary had a long and happy marriage. We are delighted to introduce the newest character to our Wordsworth family.....Will’s future wife, Mary. 威廉ㆍ渥茲華與瑪莉ㆍ哈金森從小就是青梅竹馬一起長大,他們在1802年結婚。威廉與瑪莉有著一段愉快且長久的婚姻生活。我們非常開心地介紹小威廉未來的妻子~ 瑪莉,加入渥茲華這個大家庭。

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