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Co-founder and Principal of Wordsworth English

Gerry McNally

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Wordsworth English. Wordsworth was founded in 2016 by a number of English-language professionals with decades of experience in Taiwanese education. We currently operate six schools and aim to become one of the leading language providers in Taiwan in the coming years.


At Wordsworth, we are dedicated to providing our students with a professional, rounded and exciting learning experience. Our goal is to foster a passion for learning English in all of our students. This is achieved by developing the most engaging, inspiring and challenging courses. Importantly, these courses do not simply teach our students English. We see it as our responsibility to use the English we teach to help our students learn about the incredible world around them. On their English journey with us they will therefore learn about subjects such as the natural world, history, art, poetry and science.


The importance of our teachers in inspiring this passion for English is, of course, paramount. We therefore take great care in the selection of our teaching staff. We only ever employ teachers with an enthusiasm and a dedication for teaching and who are fully aware of the effort required to teach a great lesson. When employed by Wordsworth, we ensure that our teachers are provided with all the help, training and support necessary for them to settle in Taiwan and excel in their jobs.


Our school is named after the leading Romantic poet, William Wordsworth. Wordsworth has become an inspirational figure for our schools. He celebrated the beauty of language and the beauty of the natural world. We truly hope the English our students learn with us opens up a whole world of opportunity for them in the future.

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