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渥茲華英語的優秀外師群之一 – Nick老師要跟學員們分享:當他就讀小學四年級時,面對令人緊張的拼字大賽,Nick媽媽如何鼓勵小Nick站上擂台?另外,當他因為一個小失誤與冠軍失之交臂,Nick媽媽又是如何鼓勵他再接再勵

When I was in fourth grade, I was in the county spelling bee. I didn’t want to stand on a stage in front of a lot of people. I told my mom that I was nervous.

My mom said, “Don’t worry. You can do it.”

At the spelling bee, I was still nervous and I was sweating a lot. In the end, I spelled an easy word wrong and got eighth place.

My mom told me, “I knew you could do it!”

I said, “But I lost.”

She said, “That’s okay. You went on the stage and did a good job. I’m proud of you.”

  1. Super! (極好!)

  2. Outstanding! (出眾的!)

  3. I’m proud of you. (我為你而驕傲)

  4. Good job!( 做得很好!)

  5. I knew you could do it. (我知道你能行的)

  6. Well done! (做得好!)

  7. I trust you.( 我相信你)

  8. You can do it.( 你能做到)

  9. Good for you! (真不錯!)

  10. Awesome!( 真了不起!)